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You could be stuck behind some rather slow-moving people today, so get ready to be patient. Have something to read with you in case you get stuck in a long line. Make sure you have your favorite music handy, because traffic could be hairy. And take deep breaths if you’re stuck trying to explain something kind of simple to someone who’s also kind of simple. It’s not that you’re impatient or unreasonable. You’re not. But right now everything and everyone else is stuck in a lower gear.

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Your desires might be going through something really big right now, whether it’s a slight readjustment or a major renovation. Open up your heart and be sure to consider all the possibilities.

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What exactly is going on right now? The real answer is that you and your partner may not know. Part of being together is simply being and not always having to do something about a situation that’s insoluble.


You’re not easily taken in by sales pitches today. In fact, you’re feeling a bit jaded when it comes to the prospect of making a profit. So let someone go ahead and play through their entire routine. You’re not at any risk of losing anything but time if you don’t participate financially.



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