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Lots of indecisive energy is around you, and it could cause some scheduling delays. The good news is these hindrances happen for the best! So if you can be flexible and just go with the flow right now, you will open your life up to more spontaneity and excitement. Let things be messy and imperfect, and you’ll enjoy them more. Who cares if you don’t have the perfect outfit or you’re five minutes late for the movie? Trying to make things flawless is not worth the trouble.

Singles Lovescope

Temptation station is the next stop on your train today. Who or what are you finding so compelling that you’re thinking about ditching the usual morning commute? Don’t forget, the boss won’t like it if you’re late.

Couple Lovescope

Your social energy is unparalleled right now, and you might feel the need to head out into the world whether your partner does or not. Try to make sure that you’re both getting what you need.


Unless you can bet dollars to doughnuts, be careful taking risks. You can get caught up in the moment today and wake up the next morning broke. In this case, don’t trust your instincts.



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