Daily Forecast Scorpio 05-16


Scorpio Daily Forecast

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Just because you’re in the thick of things doesn’t mean you’re going to totally understand what’s going on around you today. Be careful not to act before you speak, and don’t speak before you think. Oh, and before you think, you might want to just feel. Let your emotions lead your initial investigations into this overwhelming situation. Push fear and doubt away, but open up your mind to what your instinct is telling you. There are good people involved. Follow them.

Singles Lovescope

Your intensity is practically primal, and your boldness in the realm of romance is beautiful to see. Not many people will go so far out on a limb as you will, and more power to you.

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Whether you’re renting a bicycle built for two, or just thinking about it, you guys are in sync today. You’re stretching your legs and pumping the old hearts in tandem!


You have enough in the bank to buy yourself some wiggle room. Do a bit of experimenting with your investments, as long as you keep the bulk of your money in the tried and true.



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