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Experiment in your relationships today. Switch roles with the other person and mix it up a bit. If you’re usually the one who drives the discussion or organizes all the plans, ease up and let them do all the heavy lifting for a day. And if you’re usually the one in the back seat, climb up front. See what it feels like to steer things for a while. You’ll gain a new respect for how the other half lives, and you will help cement the foundation of your relationship even more.

Singles Lovescope

The eyes are the window to the soul. Let someone see the riches you have to offer without saying a word. A little flirtatious peek-a-boo never hurts when it comes to piquing someone’s interests either.

Couple Lovescope

A message from your partner will be far more important than it appears at first, so pay attention and make sure to reply quickly. You might need to check in with them earlier than you think.


Like a lover whose thoughts you can read like an open book, the universe is giving you some pretty clear signals. The only problem is, it’s also throwing in some fuzzy ones. Focusing on those you have a good chance of misreading is folly. Ignore them and go for the ones you understand, instead.



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