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Today is a good day to have a serious talk with a friend or loved one who has been acting out of character lately. Casually ask about what is new in their life and see what they say. Whatever you do, don’t accuse them of anything or push them to reveal things. They will open up when they feel like you aren’t going to judge them or get angry, not before. If they never spill their feelings, don’t take it personally. They just don’t feel like sharing yet.

Singles Lovescope

Asking a friend or relative to set you up feels weird, but those who know you best are sure to have friends or co-workers who might make good matches. Mention that you’re dating again and see what happens.

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An opinion your partner expresses now could be rather different than you expect. Remain open to it, though. It’s only by exploring further that you can understand where they’re coming from and why.


You never know when you’ll meet the person of your dreams. And if you’re not single, then you just may meet your new best friend in the most unlikely of places. It pays to be aware of how you seem to others, so be on your toes. Don’t slouch, even though it’s your day off.



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