Daily Forecast Scorpio 05-20


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Some recent good news has you all excited, but you need to be careful that your enthusiasm doesn’t get the best of you. Not everyone understands why you’re in such a good mood, and they could feel left out unless you let them in on your secret. Give them a chance to be happy for you! Getting caught up in the moment is fine, but don’t leave others behind. You need to control your image and be more inclusive right now.

Singles Lovescope

Today, you might very well get a good-looking guide who will show you the ropes in an arena that’s totally new to you. Pay attention and you’ll learn more than you think.

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The feeling between you and you partner is positively electric tonight. You’ll spend the whole day creating delicious tension, so by the time evening comes you’ll have only one thing on your mind.


When everyone is stressed about money, it comes out in various ways. Don’t waste time butting heads or engaging in power struggles. Be they colleagues or loved ones, be tolerant.



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