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This week starts off with a lot of opportunities brewing. Who knows what could change in your life over the next few days! It’s only natural that your attention is drawn to weekends or vacations, but it should really remain right here in the present. Do your best to live in the moment and enjoy the time you’re having while you’re having it. There are too many unknowns to be able to assume that things are going to go completely the way you want them to.

Singles Lovescope

Tons of activity is going on in your life, and between the dating scene and work, you have little time to just sit back and relax. Don’t let yourself get too frazzled by all the details. You’re better off focusing on the big picture instead.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner need to work something out today, and it will be just a wee bit harder than you had hoped. You’ll get there anyway. Make sure they’re fully engaged with you.


If taking off of work is the only way to avoid your colleagues’ dramas, then that’s what you should do. Your boss won’t like it, but your piece of mind is worth its psychological weight in gold.



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