Daily Forecast Scorpio 06-02


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Today will be all about feeding your brain, and you should waste no time exploring topics and people you don’t know very well. If a conversation drifts toward foreign ideas or weird sports, try to keep up with it. Even if you’re not exactly sure what everyone else is talking about, you can still offer some input, even if it’s just to say that you need them to explain things to you! The brain needs exercise, and yours is ready!

Singles Lovescope

You find the answer to a romantic problem by probing the details today. Avoid generalities and pay attention to nuances – sideways glances, tone of voice, and especially body language. It’s all you need.

Couple Lovescope

The next few days promise to be busy, so make sure you set aside time to spend with your partner. All work and no play is no fun for anyone! Once the workday is done, allow yourself some relationship time.


Friends in high places can’t help you now. They can’t even help themselves. Finding the right direction could mean looking to the left and to the right, instead of up.



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