Daily Forecast Scorpio 12-02


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Have you been spending too much time exploring new things and not enough time with the tried and true? There is nothing wrong with where you are now, who you are with now, and what you are doing now, so enjoy the moment. Sometimes focusing too much on your next step in life only keeps you from appreciating where you are right now. Being content isn’t a sign of a lack of ambition in life. It’s just a sign that you’re wise and happy.

Singles Lovescope

Take the romantic initiative and the stars say you’re likely to reap some seriously sweet rewards. Let your instinct guide you – it’s right on target now.

Couple Lovescope

Perhaps you tried to interest your partner in a favorite activity of yours and it failed miserably. Why not give it another try today? You might be surprised by what a little time can do.


You won’t settle for anything less than fireworks and a ticker tape parade. Finishing second place won’t do, and last is just not an option. Take your independence and wave it like a flag, because it is your claim to fame and fortune.



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