Daily Forecast Scorpio 12-07


Scorpio Daily Forecast

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You’ve got an eye for detail, and that’s precisely what you’re going to need right now. Whether you’re inspecting a shipment of toy robots for defects or a student’s paper for grammatical errors, your eagle eye has never been so sharp. What will you discover? Sometimes, when you look hard enough, you see much more than you’re looking for. Maybe you’ll glimpse the sense of things, the meaning of life, or a clue as to what you’re really looking for.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve been working too hard lately! Take a break by wasting time online playing silly games or looking at goofy videos. Better still, check out the dating apps and see who’s new.

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There’s no limit to what you can accomplish today once you set your mind to it. Share your ideas with your partner and ask them for their input, then start making it happen.


You have a strong idea of exactly what you want and almost nothing will stop you from getting it — unless it’s helping someone else get what they need instead. Your ego may try to talk you out of it, but listen to your heart, and then act on what you think is right.



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