Daily Forecast Scorpio 12-09


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You could be somewhat prickly today if your plans don’t go exactly as you expect. Giving in to anger or defeatism will do nothing to solve the problem. It’s time for a little detective work. Someone or something could be thwarting your efforts. Determining the source of the friction is the first step in resolution and reestablishing your peace of mind.

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Get together with a few friends, or get on the phone and have a long talk with a loved one who lives far away. Catching up and having a good laugh will do your heart a world of good.

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Make sure you’re absolutely clear on your partner’s intentions, and your own, for that matter. There’s nothing like mixed messages or unclear agendas to really throw a good relationship into a tailspin.


It’s hard to admit you’re tired, because you have so much more to do. No, you’re not behind on your work, you’re behind on your fun. But you can’t really enjoy it in the state you’re in anyway so you might as well admit defeat and take it easy. There will be no money lost because of it.



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