Daily Forecast Scorpio 12-15


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You’re just like James Bond except your license is to thrill. You’ve got the magnetism and suaveness to charm anyone from heads of state to rival spymasters. Just about the only thing you’re missing is an arsenal of shiny gadgets. But who are we kidding? The most lethal thing around is you in your best formal wear, with a glass of something exotic in your hand. You’d just better be careful where you aim that stuff.

Singles Lovescope

Figure out a new romantic path to follow. You can chart a few moves to take you there, but hold off on taking any serious steps just yet. Vital new information is sure to be revealed soon.

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What seems crystal clear to you may be a bit confusing to your sweetie. You’ve had time to put your thoughts into words, now give them some time to process what you’ve said.


Don’t waste time wondering how much things cost or making a mental tally of what others spent compared to you. It’s not dignified. Keeping the day shrouded in a haze of happy illusions is a lot easier anyway.



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