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You’re quite proud of everyone you love and everything you own, and that goes double for those you’ve worked hard to keep close. Whether they’re newly acquired or they’ve been with you since childhood, you’ve worked equally hard to keep them nearby. Spend some time with your most beloved people and possessions. You might feel a bit materialistic if you obsess over objects, so make sure you spend some time with your people as well.

Singles Lovescope

You’re aces when it comes to interpreting other people’s personality quirks. You always manage to find amusement in peccadilloes, including your own. No wonder you’re so in demand!

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You’re asking some hard questions right now, and while it isn’t exactly comfortable, it is good for your relationship. Try to make sure that your partner knows you’re still committed.


The playing field is being leveled each and every day. It doesn’t matter if others have been as organized as you have been or have lived in complete disarray. Don’t waste your energy being critical.


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