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It can be tough to get your feelings across to someone, but it’s totally impossible to do when you won’t spill the beans! Do you really think they can read your mind? And even if you give them tons of clues to figure out how you feel, they could easily misread them. The only way this thing is going to move forward is for you to use your words! Tell them what’s been on your mind. They’re ready to hear it and eager to tell you what’s been on their mind!

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You want to have sushi and they don’t do fish. They like burgers and you don’t eat beef. Isn’t it a little early to fight about this kind of thing? Compromise or forget the whole thing!

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You’ll be able to reach a new understanding with your loved one if you open you heart and give them your full focus. Avoid trying to predict what they’ll say. Really listen.


Everyone is giving you financial advice. It’s hard to take, much less sort out the wheat from the chaff. There is a lot of value to be gleaned from it all if you take the time to listen thoroughly.


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