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You’ve been playing around with a certain hobby for a while, and it’s suddenly dawned on you that you really and truly might be able to make a full-time job out of it, or at least a part-time source of income. It’s a good idea and you shouldn’t dismiss it. You might, however, want to come up with a solid plan before you quit your day job. Start writing before you forget the details!

Singles Lovescope

Things are certainly heating up everywhere you go, possibly because you’re so relaxed and self-confident and having an awesome time. Go ahead and share your warm and witty ways. The hotties love it!

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Flirting is a skill, so you might as well practice on your partner. Show off a coquettish smile and use other body language to convey coy thoughts. Indulge in a few fantasies.


Buff up your image of the future you, collecting antiques or sailing on your yacht. You need that kind of inspiration today to remind yourself that you won’t always be in this state of sweaty toil. It will pay off some day.


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