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Your charm is obvious today, and it will enable you to have a good time doing just about anything! This kind of can-do positive energy can help you attract a lot of diverse people who will keep your life interesting and your problems small. Keep things light and you’ll stay bright. This is the perfect day to make a positive impression on someone.

Singles Lovescope

You surely love the idea of trying something new, but don’t get too far out. A barely noticeable difference in your style or approach to romance gets better results than anything radical.

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When something doesn’t go your way today, you may find yourself feeling helpless. Your partner is there to back you up, but remember that you have a great source of strength inside of you.


Time’s a-wastin’. You can sit around philosophizing, but it will only get you deeper into trouble. Try not to think about it. With finances like yours, you’re better off working.


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