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Nothing in your life is a sure thing, especially right now, and especially in terms of any business deals. When it comes to business, people are often more interested in what they can gain for themselves than in what they can achieve in the world. They have a different agenda than you, although that doesn’t mean they wish you ill. Just remember to push back when you feel pushed and stand up for yourself if you feel like someone is putting you down.

Singles Lovescope

That famous practical nature of yours is fueling some amazing inventiveness and creativity now. Once you put your mind to it, you should come up with some great ideas related to love and romance.

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You tend to be analytical by nature, but right now you’re overthinking a situation. Take what your partner says at face value, and don’t try to find hidden meanings.


Leave the weirdness to other people. You need all of your time and energy for things more important than rubbing someone the wrong way. For now, you can’t be too conservative.


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