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Dissonance at your job or school might cause you some stress or discomfort at first, but once you accept the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you’ll be fine. Your relationships can withstand some healthy debate, so don’t hold back when it comes to disagreeing with them. Just be kind and don’t get personal about it.

Singles Lovescope

Do you feel as if you’re always the one trying to reach out to a potential love? It may be that not everyone has your communication skills. If you’re feeling unappreciated, take some time off.

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Instead of asking yourself what can you do to make this relationship work, ask yourself what you can not do. Subtracting certain elements (like tension, anxiety, unrealistic expectations) can really go a long way.


You’ve learned to appreciate a good deal. In fact, you live for the deep discount. Go in search of them today. When it comes to penny stocks, you’re like a kid in a candy store.


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