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Many forces are pushing you to go at a faster pace than might be wise for you right now. Instead of pushing back and fighting these forces, step aside and let them zoom right by you. There’s no reason for you to join the rat race right now. Bow out of other people’s high-pressure plans with a good explanation, and be forthright about what you are and aren’t willing to do. Don’t worry. Your reputation will remain untarnished no matter what happens.

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What’s running through the top of your mind today might not necessarily correspond with what’s most important to your heart. Examine your deepest emotions and figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you.

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You’ve got a lot going on internally right now, and your partner might feel a little left out. Reassure them that you’re still present, but you may just need to work a few things out on your own time.


Minding your own business is usually how you navigate through the world, but when there’s so much going that’s hard to ignore, you have a decision to make. Is your money involved? Your heart? If it’s neither, try that much harder to bite your tongue.


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