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As much as you’d like, you simply can’t be friends with everyone, so why even try? It’s not that you should write certain people off or start being rude to people who don’t fawn all over you. But you should stop wasting your energy trying to charm someone who just doesn’t seem to get where you’re coming from. Instead, put your energy toward the people who deserve your time and who give you back the kindness and respect you give to them.

Singles Lovescope

Does a person or situation remind you of some old business? If it feels similar, you need to look deeper. Your emotional memory has an important message for your present self. Pay attention.

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Your partner might disagree with a decision you’ve made, but there’s no need to try to argue them out of it. Accept their reasons and go about your business. They’ll see it your way soon.


It’s a good time for socializing, if that nagging voice in your head will let you off the hook. Worrying about money is turning you into a dog with a bone. Don’t let it make you do nothing at all.


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