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Momentum could be hard for you to achieve today. As soon as you get into your day, you’re probably going to start feeling foggy or unclear about what to do next. If that happens, then turn your focus outward. Instead of getting all wrapped up in your own goals, focus on the things that other people are doing. See if you can help them. Often, when you step out of your own life, you get a better perspective on it. This isn’t a good day to start any solo projects.

Singles Lovescope

Change is in the atmosphere, and you can direct it in your love life any old way you want. Use the high energy of this grand day to develop your vision. Someone wants to share it.

Couple Lovescope

Your partner can offer insight into something that has been troubling you. Their perspective as an outsider will help you view the situation from another angle and find an answer.


If no one is in agreement about the bottom line then it’s just not a good day to push people to sign. Put things off yet again, no matter how eager you are to complete the deal. You know enough to understand that you are avoiding future headaches.


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