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Speaking of being frugal, you might need to pull back your emotions just a bit, even if you were just getting ready to let them out, and it certainly looks as if you were. But no matter what else is going on, pay close attention to your emotional instincts. If they tell you to charge ahead, go for it. If not, sit tight, regardless of what anyone else says. After all, when has your intuition ever let you down?

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You’re more likely to lock horns than hold hands right now, but a certain conflict could also come with some heat. At least it’s not the same boring old business!

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Avoid making concrete plans today. There’s too much up in the air to be able to commit to any one thing. Switch to autopilot tonight. Ask your partner to figure out dinner while you relax.


You’re picking up on everything and none of it will go to waste. You are as meticulous with adding up the clues you’re amassing as you are with balancing your checkbook. You can’t ignore the picture it’s painting for you.


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