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Today could be a very productive day, thanks in no small part to all of the generous friends and coworkers who are offering their helping hands. Are you going to accept their contributions? Don’t let your ego get in the way of doing something that makes sense, such as calling in some favors or accepting the help that’s offered! These people want to help you, so why not let them?

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Maybe you need to check in with your colleague for more than just computer tips and spelling help! They can introduce you to a brand-new social network, including quite a few romantic possibilities.

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Money matters are on your mind today, and you’re concerned about how you’ll afford the big plans you’ve made with your honey. Talk things over and be open to new ideas. You’ll find a way to make things work out.


You’re not sure that you can go through with a major sacrifice or commitment but don’t worry, you’re beyond the point of having a choice. You signed your life away long ago, so to speak. Now it’s just a matter of letting life and the mysterious ways of money work their magic.


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