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There is a greater clarity in your life today. It’s almost as if a light has suddenly been turned on and things finally make sense. The reason for this could be a new person in your life, but it’s more likely that you’ve simply made a connection between a past trial and what’s going on now. You have learned and are taking insights from your own heart to see things more clearly. In effect, you are able to give yourself your own good advice! It’s more proof that you’re growing.

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Try to look beyond the moment. If you wear that shirt now, will you be sorry it’s at the dry-cleaner for your next big date? If you flirt with a coworker, could it create drama down the line? Consider the future.

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You’re going to need to say something if you want change to happen. Of course, if you’re happy with things the way they are, then leave the situation alone. If not, speak up now!


It seems like nothing at all is happening, but things are changing so fast you’re not even conscious of them. Think of it as being in the pipeline if that helps you visualize what’s coming.


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