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Your schedule is pretty busy, and it will only be getting busier throughout the next few weeks and months. To avoid having this wreak havoc on your relationships (in both the friendship and the romance departments) you should take any time you have now to be with the people you care about. Put in an hour here or there before you have to disappear from the world. The good times you have now will energize you as your workload grows.

Singles Lovescope

The stars say shake it up. Usually you dig classical, but your intuition’s been telling you to check out rock or jazz. Follow those instincts! They could lead you right to someone adorable.

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You and your partner are definitely feeling a little better, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the same as you once were. Change is a part of life and relationships, so you might as well accept it.


You would make money around the clock if it were humanly possible, and seven days a week if it were feasible. But then you’d be missing out on an important source of energy: other people. Socialize.



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