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Leave the gossip alone today unless you want to be accused of being a blabbermouth! Your self control is at an all-time low now, so if you hear a juicy secret you’ll probably let it spill, which could lead to some time in the doghouse for you. When the conversation turns to the latest drama in someone’s life, you should either change the subject or pretend that you suddenly have something else to do. Don’t tempt yourself. You might not be able to resist.

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Step out of the past today. You’ve been dwelling in “what if” mode lately, and it’s dragging you down. Plan for the future but stay in the present. Your life is pretty great right now. Don’t let old pain stop your progress.

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Communication between you and your partner will be easy today, and you can discuss complicated subjects with ease. Once the serious stuff is out of the way, have fun making each other laugh.


You are ready to rush out of the gate and right down the track to the finish line. Unfortunately, it’s a day of hurrying up to wait. Being patient will be your hardest task of the day.



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