Daily Forecast Taurus 04-16


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You have some valuable insight that a friend could use right now, so make yourself available in case someone needs to bend your ear. What you’ve experienced (and learned from) can help them get out of any rut they’re stuck in. Whether it involves a romantic situation or a job, you can help. Try not to lose sight of the fact that all your conversations with this person have to be constructive.

Singles Lovescope

You’re quite social today, even if you’re just flitting around the workplace, brightening everyone’s day. Set up some fun activities for later in the week. Who could resist?

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It’s hard to be half of a happy couple if you’re not feeling 100 percent. Take extra-good care of yourself in terms of your health now, both physical and emotional. Eat right, get rest, and exercise. Find your peace.


It takes a lot of creativity to make it through a regular month these days, and you have a big spending spree just around the corner. Start being extra resourceful.



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