Daily Forecast Taurus 04-22


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To get where you want to be faster in your career, you should consider teaming up with someone who balances out your skills. Two heads are better than one, and you both can help each other. Find someone who excels at things you’re not terribly good at. This is a good time for collaboration, because any friction you’ve been having with authority is coming to an end. Doors are easier to open than they’ve ever been, and your requests will be honored almost without question.

Singles Lovescope

Are you having a bad hair day? Not a chance. Nothing so silly could stand in your way. In fact, whatever you find messy about yourself, others are likely to find incredibly hot. Sweet!

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Any plans the two of you make for the evening stand a greater than usual chance of getting derailed. Instead of being disappointed, perhaps you should preemptively derail them yourself – in a better way!


Your instincts are on the money today, even though they’re telling you you’re done. Playing it safe won’t help, either, so don’t bother staying in bed. All you can do is face your destiny with courage and look forward to recouping another day.



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