Daily Forecast Taurus 05-03


Taurus Daily Forecast

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Don’t worry if it’s hard to get going this morning. As soon as you begin your daily routine, your synapses will spring to life and you’ll be ready to meet anything the day has to offer. One excellent use of your energy would be to rally the troops and get some real teamwork going among you and your family, co-workers, or friends. Your spirit is likely to be contagious, and you can affect the environment around you more than ever before, whether it’s work, home, or the dating scene.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got both the impetus and the follow-through when it comes to matters of the heart now. Take advantage of the cosmic energy and make some new connections while also cultivating existing ones.

Couple Lovescope

Show off your flirty side. Your partner will appreciate all the playful attention, and you’ll love the results. Practice that “come hither” stare until you get the reaction you desire.


You’re ready for romance, but life only gives you fun at best. And if you’re forced to work, remind yourself of how much you’ll love the results. That might be your only pay off for the day.



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