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Someone needs some help today, and you should try to come to their rescue. Not only could acting selflessly create a greater gain for you down the road, but it will strengthen your relationship with this person and put them in your debt, which could be extremely useful later. Your motivation doesn’t have to be totally altruistic for it to be effective. It’s okay to want there to be something in it for you. A win/win situation is a great situation.

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Sick of your day-to-day routine? Take a walk on the wild side by doing something totally unlike you. Ask someone new on a date without overanalyzing it. Or go firewalking if that sounds less risky.

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Repeating your questions won’t get you the information you want. Why not ask yourself why it’s so important that you get this answer right now? The response might surprise you.


Your financial life is like a wild ride at the carnival but your approach isn’t helping calm things down one bit. Don’t let yourself get upset over each and every dip. It goes without saying it will eventually be followed by an upturn. Until then, just hang tight.



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