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A recent development has been very good news in an important part of your life, but it may also have unforeseen negative effects on your finances. Take some time today to examine monetary matters, and make sure you understand how they could be changing in the near future. You are probably fairly well prepared, but if you double-check, you’ll give yourself some valuable peace of mind and be able to allay the fears of some people who love you.

Singles Lovescope

Your big plan to grab the attention of that special person is working. Lay on the charm and make moves like a pro. This is no time to play coy. Stun them with your wit and see what happens next.

Couple Lovescope

You’re raring to go and so is your partner, but in a slightly different direction. No problem. You’re going to end up at the same place eventually, so take your diverging routes to get there.


You’re so in tune with others that you risk learning things you wish you didn’t know. This ability is unique to today, so put it to good use. Apply it to something involving future profits and you can’t go wrong.



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