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Have you been too agreeable lately? You may run the risk of being branded a pushover! Today, it’s time to stand up for what you think is right. Don’t back down from being the lone voice of dissent. If something isn’t right to you, it isn’t right! You deserve the chance to say your piece and have your thoughts be given just as much respect as everyone else’s. No one is taking the spotlight away from you. You’ve been giving it away. Take it back today.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t pursue that hottie who isn’t returning your messages. It’s time to accept your losses and move on, but don’t take it personally. It just wasn’t meant to happen. Open up to new opportunities.

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You’re going to want to surprise your partner with a big display of impulsive affection, and they’ll almost certainly swoon when you do! It’s a great day for romance, and you’re in charge.


It may be a slow day, but you still need to be careful in business deals. You could use every day of the week to cover the details and still miss something beneath the surface, so don’t slack off now.



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