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You can’t let a stick-in-the-mud personality drag you out of your good-time groove today! Sure, they’re going to be moody if they don’t get what they want, but do you really care if they get their nose bent out of shape? It’s not selfish to disregard their feelings on the matter. It simply isn’t practical to cater to one (extremely picky) person’s preferences right now. Remember that this is a democracy and that the majority rules, at least when you’re in charge!

Singles Lovescope

Carpe diem! Seize the day and don’t let go until you get what you want. The stars say now is one of the best times for your charismatic self, so grab some romance!

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Thrill your honey by introducing an element of fantasy into your love life. Be inspired by books, movies or just your imagination. There’s no limit to the adventures you can have!


You’re doing double takes all day. The most shocking is your bank statement, but the rest of the day isn’t exactly soothing. Before focusing only on your own troubles, find opportunities to be compassionate instead.



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