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You know that person in your life who is spontaneous, fun loving, and always acting on impulse? Well, the charm of their capriciousness could wear a bit thin for you today. They are becoming less and less appealing with every event they flake out on. What you crave right now, especially in your personal relationships, is reliability. Look for someone who might not have the most thrilling personality on earth. As long as you know that they’ll show up for you on time, they’re the one for you.

Singles Lovescope

That little white lie isn’t so little anymore. You’ve urged it on and now it’s a full-blown work of fiction. Problem is it’s eating away at your conscience. Fess up already. The admission won’t be as traumatic as you think. In fact, the other person half expects it.

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When you hit your stride, you can flirt with the best of them. And who’s the best of them? Your partner, of course. So get out there and start flirting with them!


At least you’re not plagued by subliminal heavy business. You’re too busy being upset about reality to indulge in your usual inner musing. What a blessing. Sometimes when things are going wrong, they are going exactly right.



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