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How do you deal with someone with an inappropriately sized ego? A question for the ages. This is a good time to take a thorough inventory of your inner resources. Sometimes the best thing to do is laugh it off. If that proves impossible, try polite confrontation. If it’s just too massive a roadblock, you might have to think about falling back or possibly retreating. Don’t worry. By tomorrow, that beastly ego should shrink back to a manageable size.

Singles Lovescope

A dear friend could be hinting at something much more than the usual friendly good times. If you feel the same way, go for it! Love can show up unexpectedly, but it can also last a lifetime if you find the right person.

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Bring some love and laughter to an old relationship issue, and you’ll find an unexpectedly happy resolution to this matter. You’re able to bring negotiations to a satisfying conclusion for both parties.


You’re bored with the status quo, but change is hard to come by. Imagine how a successful forebear would have handled things had they been in your shoes, in this day and age. They hold the key to your current cage.



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