Daily Forecast Taurus 06-10


Taurus Daily Forecast

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Finances and money in general will be a big force in your life today. If you’re in a saving mode, congratulations. This day will offer you an opportunity to make a great return on your investment and plump up your rainy-day fund. If you’ve been spending freely for months, now is the time to pull back. Your regular extravagances will have to become not so regular. And your taste for the finer things will have to be more balanced with less expensive options.

Singles Lovescope

You crave human contact now, but that might cause problems if you take it too far. Lust usually isn’t love. You want to fill that void, but it’s better to find that connection with friends and family now.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner might have one of those things they call tiffs today. Whether it’s about money or love, or something else entirely, hang in there and try to work it out.


You’re at the mercy of more than money. Your feelings are really running the show. Get a handle on them by probing into unknown inner fields, and don’t come out without a bouquet of insights into yourself.



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