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You’ll quickly catch all the subtleties of whatever people are saying today. For you, they’re like giant neon signs that reveal the true meaning behind what people are verbalizing to you. But for so many other people, these small details will be totally lost. So be patient and be gentle if you have to explain what’s really going on to the confused folks around you. As you act as translator to the world around you, your level of importance will grow significantly.

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You’re not really thinking long term right now, and that’s great for you. Think about whether you’re actually enjoying each conversation while it’s happening and not whether you’re ready settle down with that person!

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When trouble arises, don’t immediately react with an onslaught of emotion. Keep a clear head and weigh all the facts. Common sense is your best bet.


Once again, your moodiness is slowing you way down. Dwelling on your dark side certainly isn’t helping you stay afloat emotionally and your bank account is suffering from it, too. Being a ray of sunshine is just another extreme. Find the comfortable, profitable middle ground.



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