Daily Forecast Taurus 12-02


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Is a parent or coach just not giving you the tough love you’re looking for? Wish your boss would give you more positive rather than negative reinforcement? Looking for a little bit more affection from your sweetie? If you want your needs to be met by others, you need to do them a favor and let them know! People can’t read your mind. You have the diplomatic skills to say what you want without sounding demanding.

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Turn your perspective inside out, even though that could be difficult now. You sometimes get too entrenched in your own point of view. There’s a great reward for your heart and soul.

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Reality may be playing hide-and-seek with you right now. Dance in circles around what looks like a romantic dilemma. It could be that your fancy steps help make things more clear.


You have a hard time getting out of bed this morning, and not for lack of sleep, either. If nothing else, you want to loll around conjuring up thoughts of the recent past. You are expanding your mental horizons without even letting your feet touch the ground.



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