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You’re feeling closed off from the world now, which means that all of your creativity, beauty, and intricacies are hidden from view. Keep in mind that not everyone has the energy, attitude, or drive to pry open your lid. They’ll only try for so long before giving up and giving you space. If you want to be alone, so be it. But if you’re waiting for someone to help you break out into the world, you’re wasting time. You need to break yourself out of your shell if you really want to connect.

Singles Lovescope

Get your hopes up today! Why? First, it’s pretty dumb not to get your hopes up. Do you think your hopes like it in the basement? Plus, there’s a good chance your romantic feelings are reciprocated.

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Even if you’re feeling lazy, get yourselves out the door and into a new experience together. Finding a new location or interest will reenergize the two of you.


Who you are on the inside and how the world sees you are two different things. If you had more money the difference wouldn’t be so critical. As it is, you’re struggling to be known in ways that matter. Try to figure out why it matters so much to you.



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