Daily Forecast Taurus 12-15


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Your luck continues to be very good today, and you are getting used to having things go your way. This feeling of confidence is a huge boon to your creativity, so make sure you find some time to work out all your brilliant ideas. Put your thoughts down on paper, record your latest song, finish knitting that scarf, or just whip up that fantastic cake recipe you’ve been saving for so long. Once you start exercising your creativity, your happiness will skyrocket even more.

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Usually you dread uncomfortable silence, but today you could be in the company of someone delightful who embraces the lull. Practice the art of nonverbal communication. Connect on an entirely new level.

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Change is nothing to fear. Embrace new ideas in both love and life. Let go of old preconceived notions of what used to make you happy. Open your heart.


Your concerns are so deep you feel them even when you’re unconscious. Don’t let money worries dominate your life like that. Get your pride out of the way and it will be easy to see you have everything you really need.



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