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In your private life, a conflict with a close friend or family member is finally starting to settle down. Everyone is back to loving each other again! Of course, you never really stopped loving each other, but there is a new height to the affection you have now. In your professional life, a challenge you were dreading won’t be landing on your desk after all. You can thank a generous co-worker for looking out for you.

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You’re quite the team player now, and you should get a lot out of collaborating. It may just be in a personal project, but shared efforts could generate some heat.

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You’re extra practical and realistic right now. It’s not the most rose-colored, romantic state of mind, but it’s a very good one for making a decision about your relationship.


Why tread water? It might not be the right time to start any new projects, but you can certainly get some plans underway. Start with the big picture. You have plenty of time to make smaller details clear later.


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