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Your most recent brainstorm absolutely deserves attention. But when it comes to acting and following through, you can get a little sidetracked. Set your priorities and make a schedule. Ask a friend with a lot of determination to join you for the ride. Your curious and intelligent nature provides you with all sorts of avenues for exploration and amazing ideas.

Singles Lovescope

Your energy today makes it somewhat less than optimal to make the first move even if you’re just dying to ask out your crush. Keep things casual for now. You may learn whether you’re really interested!

Couple Lovescope

You feel fantastic, and your partner will almost certainly go along with whatever you want to do, so make a plan and see where it takes you. This is certainly a day to remember.


Money is squeezing you as tightly as any vise. Making it through the day hardly seems possible, but you really have no choice in the matter but to endure. Better times will be here with unconscious speed.


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