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Talking to kids and animals in their own language is great fun for you, and you always learn quite a bit from it. At the moment, though, you really need some adult conversation. That doesn’t mean you’re not up for small talk and lighthearted chitchat, just that you need a real, live grown-up to exchange comments with. Fortunately, you’ve probably got a babysitter or a pet sitter on speed dial, right?

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Cozying up with a movie or book may sound lovely, but your energy is at its best when given an opportunity to socialize. You can’t wait to get out there and stop wasting that extra charm on your couch.

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Change things up a bit today. If you eat toast for breakfast and chicken for dinner, try it the other way around. If you always go out, why not spend the evening together at home?


Working hard pays off, it’s true, but so does working slightly less than hard. You shouldn’t have to knock yourself out just to make a buck today. If it feels like it’s more trouble than it’s worth, it is.


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