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Are you expecting major transformations to happen overnight? It’s time to face the fact that it’s going to take longer than you thought. Whether you’re looking for changes in yourself or in someone else, you have to be more patient and realistic about how quickly things can happen. What used to be simple isn’t so simple any more. There are more people involved and more feelings that could get hurt. Let things unfold the way they will and the results will be better.

Singles Lovescope

Passion runs high today, so take advantage of someone’s amorous attitude toward you. It’s not every day you can live out a fantasy meant for a romance novel. Be creative and uninhibited.

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True grit is what you need to get through the latest obstacle presented in your relationship. With some discipline and self-confidence, you’ve already gone halfway to solving the problem.


You’ve taken a lot of hits in the last year but you have to draw the line somewhere and today is the day you have no choice in the matter. Refuse to be anyone’s doormat. Things are likely to go well, but even if they don’t, you’ll be left with your sense of self-intact.


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