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To find yourself, you might have to toss aside any preconceived notions you have about who you are in the first place. How can you really explore and discover what you’re all about if you begin the journey with strict boundaries already in place? Who knows? Maybe you’re a vegetarian. Maybe you’re a dancer. Maybe your favorite color is really red, not blue. Maybe, just maybe, you’re about to find out.

Singles Lovescope

What feels really beautiful to you? A pretty face is great, but you value what’s inside even more. Almost any exterior takes on a unique appearance that’s intimately linked with what’s going on inside.

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You might be all amped up about your plans and hopes, but any discussion about such things is very much a two-way street. Listening to your partner’s wishes and dreams might just expand your own.


All of your responsibilities seem too mundane to bother with. But you have to deal with them, even if they’re not in the shadow of something more important. The hardest part is getting started.


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