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You’ll begin to see some solid and gratifying results today if you’ve been working hard on a creative project, perhaps one related to home improvement or art. Lots of effort goes into pulling together such an undertaking, though it doesn’t look like much in the early and middle stages. Now, however, the concept is really taking shape. Instead of being hypercritical of what you’ve done so far, keep going. If necessary, you can make alterations when it’s nearer completion.

Singles Lovescope

Your boss isn’t in a good mood, so don’t ask for any favors. It’s better to offer up your services instead — do extra work on an important project or ask for more responsibilities so you can sneak off for an afternoon date later in the week.

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Today finds you and your partner incredibly tuned into each other’s mood. By this evening, you’ll find yourselves tuned into each other in a different way. Sparks will fly!


Don’t even think about talking money today. The subject makes you want to weep, either for joy or in agony. Either way, no one wants to witness it. Try to stick to intellectual subjects if you have to discuss finances at all.


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