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Your lips are sealed, so you can safely ignore all the pleas to spill the beans that are sure to come your way today. Discretion is one of the qualities you prize most about yourself, and it’s one reason your friends and family adore you so much. That’s quite a talent you’ve got there. Maybe you could teach it to a few of your more gossipy pals!

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You seem to be running into some bad luck lately. In fact, you’re pretty sure the birds are aiming right at the top of your head. It might be wise to hold off on any financial ventures. But don’t worry. Luck will soon come your way again.

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When life is at its roughest, be that glowing candle in the window beckoning to your loved one who has drifted into the darkness. You represent hope and inspiration to more people than you know.


What’s your rush? You should know by now that most sales are just a tease. If the price is right, then you should give yourself time to check out what’s behind all three doors before taking out your wallet.


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