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Looking good is important, but if you focus too much on the aesthetic aspect of people, you will lose sight of who they really are deep down inside. You’re a substantive person, so this tendency toward what’s appealing on the surface is unusual for you. You might be working through some insecurities about your own appearance. Is it time for a bit of an update on your look? Get a fashionable friend to give you some easy tips about how you can play up your strengths a little more.

Singles Lovescope

Go on, approach that hottie online. Have a funny observation ready, and you’ll be surprised by how easily you can make a connection.

Couple Lovescope

Emotions are reaching a fever pitch now. Let your partner rant and rave while you keep your own feelings in check. You’ll have plenty of time to vent afterward.


If someone isn’t drawn to you, then they must be made of wood, as far as you’re concerned. That’s certainly one way to look at it. Another is, it’s time for either inner or outer rejuvenation. Start spending money on it.


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