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Odd and unusual things could be very attractive to you today. You’re more interested in what sticks out like a sore thumb than in what fits right in, and this mood is especially strong in terms of people. When someone makes waves today, you won’t get frustrated or annoyed – you’ll be intrigued. Don’t miss the opportunity to know this person better. Do what you can in order to get a real idea of how attractive they truly are.

Singles Lovescope

All your partnerships will work best these days if you’re working toward a common goal. If you have a first date, suggest miniature golf, for example. If you have plans to catch up with a pal, do it over a long walk.

Couple Lovescope

Your emotional depth and substance are what drew your partner to you in the first place (that and your overwhelming cuteness), but a little lighthearted flirtation every now and then doesn’t hurt either.


You’re as opinionated as the next loyal customer, but you’re open to suggestions. You’ll get some in the form of light debating and even an argument or two. Keep your ears open for tips you can take to the bank.


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