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An opportunity you thought was no longer available to you is actually still ripe for the picking. But now it’s going to be an even more attractive option for you than it was before. Should you take it? Of course you should, especially if you’re the tiniest bit afraid of doing so. Fear isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it’s caused by something so exciting. It’s not failing to succeed that you should be afraid of, it’s failing to even try.

Singles Lovescope

Vanity has no place in romance. It’s important to look your best, but preening yourself in a window when you should be paying attention to what your date’s saying could render the evening a bust.

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Power struggles have no place in a blossoming romance. Subtract ego from the equation and you might have a chance. This is a partnership worth investing in. Take it seriously.


You’re not in the mood to take any financial risks, which is just as well since you can’t afford to anyway. You’re not tempted by anything resembling fools’ gold, either. A good investment does more than just sparkle and dazzle. You’ll know it when you see it.


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